Comment dit "Hamburger" en Anglais?


By Matt Scheurich

Different countries, different cultures, different modes of thought, different expressions, different perceptions of local and global knowledge. Visiting or moving overseas to a new place — no matter how near or far — is tricky, but to be somewhere with a different language you barely know is even trickier.

For the first month I was in France I distinctly remember always getting Japanese or Papua New Guinea Tok Pisin words stuck in my head when trying to think of what to say or what something is in French.

The numbers, shapes and lines are familiar, but when the invisible networks that collate, combine and communicate them create strange, contextual-less combinations — who're you gonna call? Akin to a brain fart, a mild dyslexic moment, potentially related to the photic sneeze reflex: it's a combination of how we're wired internally, as well as with our cultural and societal networks, as observers, actors and reactors. Nevertheless, the brain constantly searches for patterns, causality. Amongst the hazy confusion it sews up quilts of perceptions, feelings, connections. Could that be a face? A word? A sentence? A spirit? Was it my fault? Surely it was blind luck. Bon chance.

The title itself refers to getting muddled up in the heat of a conversation, thinking that a common English word is French. Similar to the sensation when visiting another country (Germany) and seeing that same word in different contexts, with a different cultural usage and history. Hidden networks indeed.

This is an algorithm with set mathematical and aesthetic conditions and constraints utilising random number generation to create thousands upon millions of different compositions. It was created as an experiment in new web technologies, and as a way to explore the virtual and programmatic space with artistic expression.

Rotate the scene and see whole new compositions unfurl, as the camera's low field of view and moving motions combine to trick the eyes.

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Cool peeps use keyboard shortcuts

Start/stop animation
Generate new composition
p x y z
Change camera
Toggle customiser
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